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Jenna, May, 2000

Jenna Jenna was purchased by a family with young children when she was about three months old. Her owners took good care of her, she was given all shots she needed and was also sent to obedience boot camp. But apparently this black girl was still too energetic for her family; when she knocked over one of the children, she was returned to the breeder when she was nine months old.

Jenna's breeder put her in a kennel with one of her males; she told Jenna's rescuer that she didn't notice that Jenna was in season. Well, the male Lab noticed and Jenna became pregnant. The breeder did not try to place her because she was in whelp. Jenna whelped 11 puppies and, according to the breeder, barked constantly. So the breeder called the rescuer and told her if she didn't come to get Jenna, she would be taken to the pound.

Jenna's rescuer had started fostering dogs during the last year she worked as an animal control officer; she herself has Mastiffs but she takes in other breeds to nurse them back to health and get them adopted. The rescuer went to get Jenna; she had to drive quite a long way and it was late at night when she and Jenna arrived back at her home in Phoenix, AZ. The next morning she noticed that Jenna was limping. The limp was caused by nylon wrapped around Jenna's right hock. After the nylon was removed, the foot swelled incredibly. Treatment began with antibiotics, steroids and hydrotherapy. Jenna showed wonderful signs of improvement and her rescuer and vet were very glad. Then Jenna chewed off a toe. Surgery was done to sew up what was left but Jenna chewed off another toe. Again, surgery was done to remove necrotic tissue and amputate what was left of that toe. After that second surgery, the foot started to heal and hair was beginning to grow back.

Jenna's rescuer had contacted the local Lab rescue. They were willing to take her into rescue but told the rescuer that the leg would be amputated. Since Jenna's rescuer believed that the leg could be saved, she decided to get the young Lab treated herself. She had already spent a lot of money on Jenna and her personal funds were running low. The rescuer learned about LABMED and contacted us for help. The vet confirmed that Jenna's foot was healing; her right rear foot had only the two outside toes left but there was good blood supply. Follow up treatment consisted of hydrotherapy, antibiotics, sedation - to help keep Jenna from chewing on the foot - daily cleaning and bandage changes. LABMED was happy to help the rescuer help Jenna and decided to fund treatment.

Jenna is still with her rescuer but is searching for a forever home. She is in the house almost all the time now and is calming down. There is still a spot on her foot, about the size of a quarter, that hasn't healed yet. Her toe nails have grown out and you can barely notice that she is missing the middle toes on that foot! She runs like a champ and is the fetch queen of the world! She splashes and plays and has a great time in the water too. She has put on some weight and is really looking good, her coat is shiny and she has no more dandruff. Amazing what good food and a bath now and again will do!

Update: February, 2001

We received this note from Jenna's rescuer:

"I want to thank you for all the help you gave us with Jenna. Her foot is finally healed completely and her forever home picked her up this morning. She is a wonderful, loving dog and we were glad to be a part of her life."

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