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Jesse, September 2002

Jesse Jesse was turned over to a shelter in South Carolina by his owner. The happy-go-lucky yellow male Lab had an old injury to his right rear leg that had been just splinted, not pinned, when it occurred. The broken bone did not heal properly, the muscle and tendons had atrophied, and the leg now needed to be amputated.

Lowcountry Lab Rescue took Jesse into their rescue program and arranged to treat him for sarcoptic mange, provided him with antibiotics and a heartworm test, and agreed to pay for neutering, chipping, foster care and vaccinations before he is adopted. They contacted LABMED to help with the cost of the amputation, and we were happy to contribute to Jesse's care.

Jesse was soon adopted by a family who drove five hours each way from their home to meet Jesse!  We were delighted to receive this update from Jesse's new mom:

"Jesse is the BEST dog. �He did fine on the drive home with the exception of eating the rear middle seat belt. Annie (the cat) isn't sure what to think about him. �She eats his food and drinks his water and Jesse does the same to the cat. This must mean something in animal language. �Jesse slept in my youngest son's room the first night. �He didn't make a sound. �He has mastered the stairs in our house and now just speeds up and down them. �He loves to retrieve as you know and he is VERY smart. �He responds to Jesse Come, Jesse Sit, Jesse drop the ball. �He also has been trained with a choke collar. �When I pick up the choke collar to put on him he immediately sits. �He also knows Jesse Heel. �We are working on Jesse Stay...

It takes twice as long to get anywhere with Jesse because people stop and say what a beautiful dog and when they pet him they also comment on what a sweet dog he is." �

It sounds like Jesse has found the perfect new family!

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