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Jude, June, 1999

Jude Jude, just nine months old, was owned by a young construction worker. He was neutered, current on his vaccinations and on heartworm preventative, but he was left alone in the yard for 3 to 4 days at a time. One June day he decided he wanted to find some company and left his yard. Unfortunately, an encounter with a car left him with fractured femurs in both hind legs.

Jude was taken to a shelter where he was treated for shock, then waited for his owner to claim him. When the owner found him, he didn't want to take responsibility and relinquished ownership. A kindly veterinarian rescued Jude from the shelter, placed him in a loving foster home and arranged for surgery.

The orthopedic surgeon spent 2 ½ hours on the first day and 3 ½ hours on the second day repairing the fractured legs. Throughout the ordeal, Jude's indomitable spirit showed through. He stood on his repaired legs as soon as his foster mother appeared.

Jude healed nicely. Swimming, playing with two Beagles and being adopted by his foster family have helped Jude become a happy, healthy Lab. Jude has been renamed Luke to go with his 'renewed' life. His new adoptive mother wants to get involved in pet therapy work and feels Luke will be the perfect dog to be her pet therapy partner.

LABMED, Labrador Life Line and the Animal Health Center of Walpole, Massachutes' Stray Pet Fund all contributed to funding the surgery for Jude/Luke.

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