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Jumper, February, 2001

Jumper Jumper is a young male black Labrador Retriever who was noticed running loose on a major highway in Tulsa, Oklahoma just after Christmas. A group of rescuers actually stopped traffic in an attempt to catch him. Unfortunately, Jumper panicked at the sight of all the well-meaning strangers and leapt off of an overpass onto the road below. He was knocked unconscious in the fall and the rescuers were able to wrap him in a blanket and carry him to safety. From the highway, Jumper was immediately transported to a nearby veterinarian, where it was discovered that he had survived the jump remarkably well.

Aside from the minor head trauma, Jumper's only other injury was a laxity in the carpal joint of one of his front legs. Because the carpal joint in a dog's front leg (the joint analogous to a human's wrist) bears much of the weight that a dog carries, it was causing Jumper considerable pain. Jumper's veterinarian believed that a surgery should be done called a carpal arthrodesis.

This surgery would involve putting a plate and some pins into the joint to "freeze" the joint in a standing position to relieve Jumper's pain. The veterinarian that Jumper was first transported to did not have the expertise to perform the delicate surgery, so it was elected to transfer him to the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital where an orthopedic surgeon would be able to evaluate Jumper and perform the surgery.

JumperBecause of the expertise necessary, and the equipment used, this is not an inexpensive surgery. Although the OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital gave Jumper's rescuers a generous discount, they still needed help to fund the surgery, and therefore, the group turned to LABMED. The rescuers were trying other fund raisers and asked if LABMED could fund a portion of the bill also. LABMED was happy to comply. Jumper came through the surgery with flying colors, and in typical Lab fashion, made friends where ever he went. Although Jumper ended the year 2000, lost and alone, he entered 2001 with many friends and a second chance at life.

Update, May, 2001:

Jumper's rescuer wrote that Jumper has been adopted:

"His new mom is a volunteer with the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa (small dogs).It is a wonderful home. He left for his forever home last Friday. They have renamed him Max. He got his cast off two weeks ago. He is limping but happy as always, indomitable. He is pain free! He should progress to normalcy in the following months with the prescribed rehabilitation. He stayed crated in a large foldable crate during his rehab in the center of my living room. He has adjusted perfectly into his new home. This is one absolutely beautiful great Lab. He is exactly what a Lab should be. He is a character! When you pet him he moans and vocalizes. He literally talks to you. The most vocal Lab I have ever been around. I will miss Jumper in my home. Thank everyone at LABMED for saving Jumper and the appreciation we have for LABMED. We would not be here without LABMED.

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