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Kali, November 2001

Kali, a young chocolate Lab in California, was found injured and wandering the streets. Luckily she was picked up by a caring dog lover and she received the treatment she needed. Her rescuer didn't want to take her to the animal shelter in her area so called Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue (CCLRR) instead. The CCLRR group realized that her swollen right front leg was probably more serious than a muscle strain so they took her immediately to the veterinarian for a complete examination and treatment.

Sure enough, two-year old Kali had a fractured front leg that needed to be surgically repaired and splinted. Even though Kali had been injured and hurting for a while before treatment began, she remained very sweet and friendly through her entire ordeal. The vet determined that she did not have heartworms or internal parasites and after an uncomplicated and successful repair of her front leg, Kali was well on the road to recovery.

While CCLRR has been taking care of lost and injured Labradors for many years, surgeries such as Kali's are expensive, so they turned to LABMED and Labrador Life Line for help. The LABMED Board voted to fund a portion of Kali's expenses easing the financial burden on this rescue group. Meanwhile, the CCLRR group contacted the local shelters in the area, posted flyers and put ads in the local papers. Sadly, Kali's owners never came to take her home.

Today Kali is a happy Labrador teenager looking for her new family in a sea of friendly faces. She has a wonderful personality and one day soon she is sure she will see just the face she is looking for -- the one that will give her a new forever home. Until that day, she is happy just to hang out with her foster family and enjoy her second chance at life.

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