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Kenny, February, 1999

Kenny He was left behind when his owners moved away, and now seriously malnourished and exhibiting hair loss and skin infections due to a testicular growth impeding his hormone production. Seven-year old Kenny was in need of medical attention and a lot of tender loving care. Fortunately for Kenny, a volunteer for Atlanta-based Pet Orphans Rescues and Adoptions happened to notice him while walking her own dog. Making inquiries and learning that Kenny's owners had moved away, she wasted no time in taking him to the vet hospital so that he could receive the care he needed. After learning about LABMED from the Dog Rescue List, Kenny's rescuer applied for assistance and LABMED agreed to help with Kenny's vet bill which was quite large due the amount of hospital time needed to get his digestive system back on track and put some poundage on his skinny frame. Kenny was placed on a special prescription food that his fragile digestive system could easily handle, and he was neutered to remove the tumor.

After putting on 8 pounds while in convalescent care, Kenny's prognosis was described as excellent, and he was subsequently released to a foster home where he can continue to recuperate and begin the process of adoption.

Thanks to the efforts of Pet Orphans Rescues and Adoptions, and a little help from LABMED, Kenny should be in a very good position to be adopted by a new loving family who will be able to give him a good quality of life for his remaining years. Good Luck to you, Kenny!

Update on Kenny: May, 1999
"Just wanted to fill you in on Kenny, the dog that you helped us with. He was adopted about a month ago by a wonderful woman who saw his picture and story on our webpage! And she brought him by today's adoption day...I almost fainted when I saw him! He has a FULL coat of gorgeous shiny black fur, he has filled out completely and his tail didn't stop wagging and he was smiling. I literally didn't recognize him he looks so good and completely normal. The adopter is so in love with him. She takes him for what she calls "aqua-therapy" every day which means that she puts a life jacket on him and takes him swimming in her lake which he just loves. She also says that he gets along well with both her 16 year old dog and her 2 year old dog. She has a fenced yard but the dogs stay mainly inside the house and Kenny sleeps at the foot of her bed at night. Kenny looked so happy I can't even begin to describe it. Thanks for all your help. "

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