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Kip, October, 2000

KipKip was surrendered by his owners to a small Lab rescue in Georgia. They didn't want him any more and told the rescuer that if she didn't take him he would have to go to the pound. Kip's rescuer noticed something wrong with one of his rear legs right away; when she asked the owners, she was told that it was bowed because Kip had been lying down in the car for so long. The owners insisted that the 4 1/2 year old BIG black boy - Kip weighs 125 lbs. and is not overweight - was completely healthy.

The vet who examined Kip knew something was wrong with his leg but could not make a diagnosis without x-rays. Kip's rescuer asked LABMED to pay for the x-rays and we were glad to be able to help find out what was wrong.

KipThe x-rays revealed that Kip had a ruptured cruciate ligament in his right knee. The vet suggested the x-rays be examined by an orthopedic specialist to determine what could be done to help Kip. The leg did not seem to bother Kip but Labs are very good at hiding their pain; the specialist and the vet who had originally examined Kip were amazed that he was walking as well as he did with this injury. It was recommended that Kip have surgery and the orthopedic vet was willing to give a rescue discount. But LABMED's help was not needed after all because Kip found a forever home!

Kip was adopted by a man who had just lost his 17 year old Lab friend. Apparently Kip resembles his old friend "Bo" and it was love at first sight. Kip's new dad - after consulting with other vets - decided to hold off on the surgery. Kip is indoors most of the time - he even has his own couch!! - and the knee does not bother him much. His rescuer told LABMED that Kip's new dad will take very good care of him - if he learns to stop feeding him honey buns and McDonald cheeseburgers!

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