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Lacey, January, 1999

LaceyTen year old Lacey's lot in life seemed to be limited to staying in akennel and having puppies. After having her fifth litter, her usefulnessas a brood bitch at an end, she was surrendered to the local humane societyand due to her poor condition, scheduled to be euthanized.A compassionate worker at the Calgary Humane Society tookpity on poor Lacey, and 'adopted' her out of danger of euthanization,saving her from a certain death. Lacey was finally in good hands, beingfostered by a caring individual until she could be ultimately placed in anew, loving home of her own.

Lacey was not without her share of medical problems, however.Many of her teeth were in very bad condition, likely to become septic ifsomething wasn't done quickly,and there were some worrisome mammary tumors that needed biopsy andremoval. Lacey's foster mom was, in fact, a one-person senior dog rescueservice, specializing in the care and rescuing of older, hard-to-placedogs with significant disabilities (blindness, diabetes, Cushing'sDisease, physical handicaps and the like).(Check out SeniorCanine Rescue Society's Web Page for more info on this impressiveone-person operation.)LABMED was contacted with a request to assist in partial funding ofLacey's surgery, and the board quickly voted to supply the requestedamount. And thus, Lacey became LABMED's first Canadian dog alumni!

As a result of her recent surgery, Lacey had seven of her mostseverely decayed teeth removed, had two mammary tumors removed, and a tailcyst drained. There was some concern that the cancer might have spread toher lungs, but thankfully, an xray showed this not to be the case!Lacey is now enjoying, perhaps for the first time in her 10 year old life,a loving home environment, while she awaits final adoption. LABMED washappy to help out Senior Canine Rescue Society with Lacey's medical needsand glad to be able to provide assistance outside of the US. LABMED is,afterall, an International Organization!

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