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Lady3, February, 2000

LadyLady is a black female mostly Labrador Retriever that was found wandering in the woods in Meridian, Mississippi. Her rescuers noticed that she was limping badly on her right front leg and coaxed her over to them. She was about one year of age and had obviously been on her own for a significant period of time. She had no tags, or any other identification. Luckily for Lady she had been found by the son of a volunteer for a local pet assisted therapy group.

That group, Pets and People: Companions in Therapy and Service, took her in and transported her to their veterinarian. X-rays and a closer examination of her leg showed that her shoulder was dislocated and had started to heal with the bones in a mal-aligned position. A bald spot lower on the leg showed where a wound had already healed. The vet surmised that Lady had most likely gotten her leg caught in a leg-hold trap and dislocated the shoulder getting free from it. This had probably happened weeks before she was found; we can tell this by the amount of healing that had already taken place before she was found. Unfortunately, because of the mal-alignment, Lady would need to have surgery to correct it or face life with a severe and permanent limp, not to mention almost certain arthritis in the affected shoulder.

LadyThese folks were not about to let such a sweet dog have such a future. They found an orthopedic veterinarian who was willing to do the surgery at a rescue discount and applied to LABMED to help fund the surgery. Pets and People volunteers had explained to the LABMED board how sweet Lady was and how, if she healed properly, they thought they might be able to use as a therapy dog at a local psychiatric service. LABMED enthusiastically agreed to help Lady reach her forever home.

Update! June 2000

Lady is healing well and almost has full use of her leg. Although she does not have a forever home as of June 2000, she has won the hearts of her rescuers. They told me that although she is Lady3 in our books, she'll always be Lady #1 in their hearts.

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