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Lady5, November, 2000

Lady5 In rural Green County, PA, many large dogs are "outside dogs," chained to a "dog box" in the back yard and ignored for the most part. When Lady, an approximately 4 year old black Lab was picked up by Animal Control, they assumed she was one of these dogs that had managed to get loose. After a week's stay at the Animal Shelter where she remained unclaimed, Lady was turned over to a good Samaritan who had spotted her in the shelter and wanted to help her out.

A routine spay became complicated when the vet discovered that Lady had Pyometra (uterine infection). He also found a mammary tumor. When she returned to the Vet for removal of her stitches, more mammary tumors were discovered, necessitating additional surgery. A battery of tests was performed to ensure there were no other health problems prior to additional surgery, and then the other tumors were removed. Biopsy found them to be benign, and Lady was given a good prognosis for a happy life.

Two months later, Lady's rescuer reports she is, " . . . glowing with health and good behavior.

She's out of her crate most of the time now, lies quietly on the floor with my other dogs, vying (sometimes successfully) for the most "desirable" spot, directly under or on my feet at the computer. She enters her crate willingly (tho she expects a yummy for it), sits for her supper, and plays in the snow with my pup."

Update: February, 2001

Good news from Lady's rescuer:

Lady got a Forever Home last weekend. She's with a couple in Pittsburgh who have never owned a dog before, who carefully read everything I suggested for them, who have bought a crate for her, modified their lives to help this dog to adjust, and who love her madly. I hear from them every couple of days.

Oh, and they've renamed her Roxy. She responds to it, so perhaps her first name was something that sounded like that.

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