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Lance, October, 2000

LanceLance's life had been a hard one for a pup only 6 months to a year old. He was dumped in some woods in West Virginia and had been sleeping in a field with no food or shelter when he was found by a young man who, determined to save Lance, brought him food daily-even though his father was very upset about it. Somehow, this young man found a rescuer on the Internet--a woman in Illinois who coordinated the effort with two other people to go get Lance and bring him to Ohio. There, Lance was taken to the vet by one of the women who collected him and, like so many other stray dogs, Lance was found to be infested with hookworms, round worms, and heartworms.

LABMED was contacted by his rescuer, a volunteer with Circle Tail rescue, for help with funding the heartworm treatment. We voted to do so and Lance is recovering nicely. His rescuer tells us that he had probably been mistreated before being dumped and was very afraid of men-crawling when they were around--instead of walking. With lots of loving care, he's gaining more confidence and doing lots more tail wagging! Circle Tail rescues dogs with an eye to training them to be assitance dogs and Lance's rescuer thinks he might eventually qualify. We'll keep you updated on Lance's progress.

Update: December, 2000

Lance/ChanceLance is now a resident at a retirement home and his name has been changed to Chance. His rescuer wrote:

"He is much better and loves everyone which is a big step forward from the dog that wouldn't walk by a man just a month ago, he would only belly crawl if there was a man around. He's gained almost 10 pounds and looks great! His coat is much thicker and shines like one of a champion. He did great at the interview and visit. He is headed to the Friends Care Center for good next week. They all loved him and thinks he the sweetest thing ever and can't wait for him to get there for good."

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