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Lexus, October 2001


Lexus, a pretty black Lab in Georgia, was found on a very busy street wearing a rusted choke collar with a bit of chewed off wire looped around the collar ring. She might have been killed had two very wonderful ladies not found the time to remove her from the side of the road.

Once removed from the busy street, Lexus was taken to the local humane society. There, Lexus was noticed by another wonderful woman who knew the shaking and trembling Lab would not have a good chance to be adopted within the time allowed.

Fully intending to take Lexus to her regular veterinarian to have her put down in a more comfortable setting, the rescuer loaded Lexus in her car. Lexus immediately jumped in the back seat, sat down, and looked out the window. By the time they arrived at the vet's office, her rescuer knew that Lexus was safe as she just couldn't have her put down. Those soleful Labrador eyes and winning personality had once again done their magic.

Although in general good health, Lexus was found to be heartworm positive, requiring expensive treatment beyond the means of the rescuer. Fearing the worst, but hoping for a miracle, she contacted her local Lab rescue group. They suggested that she get in touch with LABMED for financial assistance.

LABMED was happy to help Lexus and her rescuer with the medical bills needed to give that second chance at life. The rescuer agreed to have Lexus spayed and given her yearly vaccinations before adopting her into her forever home. The rescue worker also saved LABMED a bit of time and money in shopping around for the most affordable heartworm treatment even though it meant driving a bit out of her way to save some money. Her dedication to saving Lexus is truly heartwarming.

Today, Lexus has a new name (Alexis) and a new family that love her dearly. She has completely recovered her good health and is a very happy Lab in her new home. Because Alexis is undoubtedly a very special dog, she has been helping an elderly infirm member of the family find joy in just having a dog in her life. Thanks to the many people who helped Alexis through her difficult situation, Alexis is enjoying her new life immensely.

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