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Lilly, August 1999

Lilly Lilly, a 5 month-old yellow Lab, was turned over to Pet Resq, Inc. in New Jersey, by a local pet shop when they found out that something was wrong with Lilly`s front right leg. The alternative was to put her down, since the pet store couldn't sell her with the leg injury. Thank goodness they contacted the local rescue group.

It turned out that Lilly's elbow had been broken - the elbow was dislocated and the growth plate was broken. The opinion of the orthopedic specialist was that nothing need be done, because it had healed properly and seemed ok; however, the x-ray machine was broken, so he was waiting to see the x-rays from her first visit (to another vet). Within a few days, however, Lilly couldn't walk on the leg; further x-rays showed that the previous injury hadn't mended well, so she had re-broken her elbow. Surgery to place a large screw and several pins to hold the elbow together were done; now the elbow would heal properly and Lilly would be given 2 months of rest.

Lilly While recuperating at her foster mom's, Lilly made friends with some folks down the street - a family with two little boys who fell in love with Lilly. They asked to adopt her when school starts - she will be missed by her foster home, but she now has a pool, a mom who smothers her with kisses, and an uncle who is doing her physical therapy. Best of all - she is close to her foster mom, who can stay in touch with her. Lilly has a wonderful future ahead of her - LABMED is glad to have been able to help!

Update: February, 2001

"I am happy to say that Lilly is fine and is very beautiful, She is all grown up and will be 2 yrs. old march. She runs like the wind the surgery that you paid for was a great success. The leg that was broke is strong. Lilly was dropped from a cage in the pet store and the growth plate and front elbow joint was badly broken and a doctor wanted to cut it off but we finally found a good doctor 1 1/2 hours from our house and after a very long siege of events she is almost new. We put her up for adoption but after the months to bring her back we just couldn't part with her. She is a very good dog and she has grown up with all our other pets."

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