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Luke3, May 2002

Luke3Luke, a black male lab of unknown age and origin, had a lot of problems by the time he wound up in the Orange County Animal Shelter and Humane Society in Alexandria, Virginia. The veterinarian who cared for Luke noted that he was a very sweet dog who was medically a mess! Luke, who was probably between 4 and 8 years old, had infections in both ears, BB pellets embedded in his skin, epidermal cysts, missing and broken teeth, and seizure disorder.

In spite of Luke's problems, a volunteer who worked at the shelter found a
special place in her heart for Luke. That volunteer, who was to become
Luke's foster mom, made sure he got the care he deserved. During his
treatment she doled out TLC in the form of hugs, prayers, and vanilla ice
cream, which he loved! And who would have known that the ice cream has
medicinal value? According to one lab lover, "giving epileptic dogs a little
vanilla ice cream in the post ictal phase seems to help with the after
effects of the seizure, when the dogs are pacing around and ravenously

Luke got comprehensive care that included diagnostic x-rays, the
administration of seizure medication, dental work, and attention to his skin
problems. With Luke's problems being resolved one by one, it wasn't long
before Luke was transformed from a medical mess to a happy, healthy dog with a permanent home.

Today Luke resides in his permanent home with his mom and K9 buddies, and he continues to enjoy treats like vanilla ice cream. Luke's home has a huge backyard encircled by a 6-foot wooden privacy fence that his foster mom describes as a mini-dog park. Luke finally has the safety and security he deserves!

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