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Maggie, February, 1999

Maggie Two year old Maggie was roaming from house to house scrounging for left-over morsels of food from other dogs' dishes. She found her way to a caring individual who took her under her wing and more importantly, to her local vet. The checkup showed that Maggie was both heartworm positive and pregnant. Rather than risk complications, a decision was made to spay Maggie and immediately begin her heartworm treatment.

There is no local Lab rescue organization in Macon, Georgia, and Maggie's veterinary bill was going to be more than her rescuer could handle. She turned to searching the internet, and found LABMED while looking for Lab Rescue sites. An application was submitted, and LABMED's board members voted to provide funds for Maggie's treatment.

Maggie is described as a sweet dog, who's well trained and won't come into the house unless invited and she is absolutely wonderful around small children. Maggie seems to melt herself into everyone's heart, and we bet it won't be very long before Maggie has a permanent home!

Update on Maggie: May, 1999
"Maggie did go to live with her new family on Thursday. I took her over in the afternoon and they were very glad to see her. They have three children, who I am sure will give her lots of loving attention. I called to chech on her on Friday, and she was at the groomer's having a bath and tick treatment, since they do plan on letting her in their house a lot. (Her new owner) said she was doing fine and has proven herself to be as sweet as ever."

LABMED is very happy to hear Maggie has found a family of her own!

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