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Maggie4, August, 1999

Maggie4 Maggie's rescuer was driving by an abandoned shopping center when she saw this black Labrador Retriever digging through the garbage cans in search of food. Since she had just returned from a road trip with her own two dogs, she still had food and water in the car and decided to stop and feed the stray. When she approached, the dog came to her immediately and showered her with Labrador kisses.

Since the Humane Society and local rescues had no space for the dog, the rescuer decided to try and find her a new home herself and took her to her own vet for a health check. Unfortunately, Maggie was heartworm positive. The woman contacted LABMED for funding for the treatment. The vet, already won over by Maggie's wonderful Labrador personality, offered free boarding during the treatment. During her stay at the clinic, Maggie the Great, as she was affectionately called, quickly won the hearts of the whole staff.

Maggie4 Maggie went home to her rescuer's to recuperate. She proved to be a wonderful dog in the house, and quickly learned basic commands. During that time, the rescuer's parents came to visit and fell in love with her. After she was completely healthy and spayed, Maggie went to live with her rescuer's parents. Maggie is their first Labrador Retriever, they already have a Poodle. It is taking a little time to get used to having a 65 pound lap dog or one that takes up most of the queen bed and to have enough food and treats on hand to keep her happy, but they are learning quickly and loving it. Maggie has adjusted very well to her new life as a "Lovrador".

Update! May 2000

Maggie went back to live with her rescuer. The parents love her very much but she was a bit too much for them to handle and Maggie also seemed bored with their quiet life style. When their daughter came to visit, she decided to take Maggie back home to Tennessee where she has a big yard to play and run in. She gets along well with the other two dogs and three cats. Maggie's owners have promised her that this is her forever home; she has been a tough little girl long enough and needs a place to relax and play. And she also has her very own page on the web: Maggie's Page

Welcome home, Maggie!

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