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Maggie5, February, 2000

Maggie5 When Maggie was first seen by her rescuer she was living in a vacant field near a subdivision near Indianapolis. It appeared that she had just had a litter of puppies but the rescuers never found them and coyotes had been seen in the area. Maggie then found a substitute for her lost babies, a stuffed toy carelessly left out by a child became her "baby". She always has her "baby" with her.

Two ladies from the neighborhood tried for months to make friends with Maggie, bringing her tasty tidbits, talking softly and gently, but Maggie was fearful of strangers. Even after 6 months she wasn't about to let them near her. As time went on, it became apparent that she was again expecting puppies. She spent her time in the company of an American Eskimo, so the puppies are most likely Eskimo crosses. The two ladies made a shelter from bales of straw and as her time neared, Maggie began nesting in the shelter. One day one of the ladies was able to corner the terrified dog and literally had to drag her to her car. Although that may seem cruel, it was the only way to help Maggie.

Maggie went directly to the veterinarian - remarkably, her only health problems where heartworms and the imminent birth of the puppies.

The kindly lady took Maggie home and helped her deliver her litter. Maggie is gradually learning to trust humans. The puppies have all been placed in loving homes on spay/neuter contracts. Once the puppies were weaned, Maggie's rescurer turned to LABMED for funding for the treatment of the heartworms. Maggie became the 125th dog funded by LABMED.

Maggie is now in foster care through L.E.A.R.N in Wisconsin. You can read more about L.E.A.R.N at Her foster mother is working hard on bringing out the happy-go-lucky Labrador that has been hiding. She is quickly learning that humans and dogs can share a special bond. She has been spayed and is available for adoption.

Update! April, 2000 Just recently a family drove from Illinois to Wisconsin to visit with Maggie. It was love at first sight. The couple love Maggie and the painfully shy Maggie took to them immediately. She knew they were her special people!

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