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Magnum, February, 2001

Magnum Magnum was intended to be a hunting dog. When he was a year old, he tore the cruciate ligaments in his rear legs and his owners had surgery done to get those fixed. But when Magnum reinjured one of his legs, his owners decided not to get him treated again. Magnum got very little attention and - due to his injury - little exercise. By the time he came to the rescuer's attention, Magnum was three years old and very much overweight. His owners didn't really want him any more and decided to give him to the rescuer.

Magnum's rescuer was planning to find a rescue group to take him but her family quickly became attached to the friendly black Lab. And since Magnum had a torn ACL which needed expensive surgery to get repaired, it was very unlikely that a rescue group would even take him. So his new mom started looking around for the best and most cost effective way to get Magnum's knee repaired. She had Magnum examined by several vets in Wisconsin and they agreed that TPLO surgery would be best for Magnum. She could not afford the surgery but another rescuer told her about LABMED and she applied for funding. We were happy to pay for part of Magnum's surgery; his new mom also contacted LLL and they funded a part as well, leaving a more manageable amount for Magnum's family.

Magnum had the surgery in April. First the vet needed to remove some small tumors from his lips, though, and wait for biopsy results to rule out cancer. All was well and Magnum's knee was fixed. The surgery went well and Magnum does not think he should restrict his activities for the three weeks the vet recommended so his knee will heal properly. He would rather run up and down the ramp his family has built for him so he doesn't have to climb the stairs into the house. The vet summed it up nicely when he explained to Magnum's mom that "Labs don't have a good personality for surgical recovery". Magnum will have to take it easy for just a little while longer, then he can run to his heart's content and make up for the years of inactivity.

Update, May, 2001

MagnumMagnum's mom tells us:" Magnum has to stay quiet for 8 weeks (which is a relative term to a Lab <g>)!! Then we can start short leash walks. Because of all the arthritis from being injured for such a long time without being repaired and the muscle loss from not using the leg for so long, his recovery *could* take a little longer than some. He is using the leg now though and *thinks* he is ready to go. It's a constant battle to hold him back. I'm just happy he feels so good. Yesterday there were a couple of ducks in the yard and my husband had taken him out to do his business. All of a sudden Magnum takes off. He couldn't go too far though because hubby was holding the leash. :-) If my son had been holding the leash, he would have gone grass skiing and Magnum would have gotten his duck!"

Magnum has his very own page with lot's of pictures and regular updates

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