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Max8, March 2002

Max8 Max was rescued from the Delaware County, PA SPCA where his owners had left the 8 year old Lab because because their children were grown and they didn't have time to take proper care of him. Poor Max.

A foster home was found for Max through the Lab Rescue League and plans were made to find a family to adopt Max. In less than 24 hours in his new foster home, however, Max, became alarmingly ill. He vomited all food and water, was running a fever, and had watery diarrhea.

Max's condition did not improve much over the following days, and he lost over 9 pounds. It became clear that diagnostic tests were needed to determine the cause of Max's troubles. An obstruction, megaesophagus and/or an infection were all possibilities. Although Max's foster home was able to provide for his basic medical needs, help was needed to fund the expensive tests that were now required. LABMED was happy to help out, and an ultrasound evaluation was scheduled for Max.

With the negative results from the ultrasound in hand, Max's foster mom took him home, put him back on the food his previous owners had fed him, and provided lots of TLC. Happily, within a few days Max had greatly improved and it appeared that his woes stemmed from a combination of stress from his stay in the shelter along with an adverse reaction to a new food.

In a very happy ending to this story, Max's foster mom fell in love with him and decided to make him a permanent member of her family!

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