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Misty, May, 2001

Misty Misty, a 5-year-old chocolate girl from Southampton, New York, was surrendered by her owner to Rocky's Fund Dog rescue because her family was breaking up and there was nowhere for Misty to go. Misty was quite shy-so shy she'd hide under the bed if told "no" in a firm voice--and needed lots of coaxing and love due to a history of abuse.

As far back as 1999, Misty developed a problem with her left hind leg. This was not pursued by her owner until just before Misty was surrendered. The diagnosis was an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Rocky's Fund had an orthopedic veterinarian confirm the diagnosis. The treatment would have to be tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery.

Misty's rescuers worked very hard to find funding for the surgery, raising some of the money themselves and contacting LABMED and Labrador Lifeline for help. Both groups supplied part of the funding. The veterinarian also granted a generous rescue discount.

Misty had her left TPLO surgery and was doing well at first, but consequential to her surgery, it was discovered she had high kidney values, and upon further investigation she was found to be in some renal difficulty. She has been on diuresis and IV antibiotics, and she is currently on oral antibiotics pending further investigations for: possible exposure to lepto in the past, chronic kidney disease, or primary renal failure.

This could be an isolated elevation of kidney values that will resolve with time, or something like a previous lepto exposure that was caught before much of her kidney function was damaged.

As for her leg, she is beginning to use it but not as much as her rescuer would like to see. Poor Misty has been through so much, but her rescuer loves her and will do whatever is necessary for her whether she stays or is adopted out.

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