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Molly, September 1998

Molly Three months ago, poor little Molly was unlucky enough to be struck by a car, the blow fracturing her pelvis and lacerating her left metatarsal, leaving severe nerve damage to her left rear leg. The vet who attended to Molly thought she looked familiar, and on a hunch, contacted who he thought were her owners. Sadly, when informed of her injuries and required treatment, they disavowed any knowledge of her, forcing the vet to seek assistance from the Lake Erie Lab Rescue. After several consultations, it was decided that Molly's quality of life would be greatly improved if her limp, useless rear limb was amputated.

The Lake Erie Lab Rescue did not have the funds to underwrite this operation and contacted LABMED. Molly was given a great prognosis for recovering to a full and useful life. No time was wasted in making the decision to fund little Molly, and she's just had her operation and is doing fine! There is even the chance that Molly will be at the St. Louis National Labrador Specialty! Please join all of us at LABMED in wishing Molly a speedy rehabilitation!

Update: January, 2000

" "Molly" had major surgery, thanks to LABMED, and when she moved from her foster home to her full-time co-owner, she would have been the second "Molly" in that house, so her name was changed to "Princess."

"Princess" in June 1999 had some serious complications arise due, we think to the nature of her intial hit-by-car injury. Her diaphragm herniated, resulting in the rotation of her stomach and other organs into her chest cavity. It WAS life-threatening.

Her new owner sprang to her defense, and the damage was corrected. The bill was about $1200, and initially we thought we would apply to LABMED for funding.

But, thanks to a wonderful story in the local newspaper, Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, and a major fund-raising raffle run by Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue, we were able to generate almost all the funds to cover this major repair.

"Princess" is a fully certified Rainbow Babies ∓ Children's Hospital "Pet Pal," which is a therapy dog program with very very high standards. "Princess" is in obedience training as well, and in 2000 will probably compete in UKC-licensed obedience trials!

Thanks again to LABMED -- without you there would have been no "Princess!"

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