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Molly7, February, 2001


Molly was purchased as a puppy by an owner who intended to train her as a hunting dog. But Molly was diagnosed at at only 10 months of age with severe dysplasia in both hips. Her owner decided that Molly therefore had no value as a hunting dog, and he took her to a vet to be euthanized.

A caring employee at the suburban Illinois veterinary clinic immediately decided to rescue Molly and give her a second chance. Molly needed operations on both hips in order to ensure an active and pain-free life. LABMED was contacted and - with a generous rescue discount from the vet - funding was provided for Molly's surgery.

One hip was operated on, and the other will be at a later time once Molly has recovered from the first surgery. Meanwhile, Molly was placed in a foster home where she could receive daily therapy, controlled exercise, and a lot of love! Because Molly had spent the first part of her life in a kennel, she needed to be housetrained, too. A really special new family was needed who could deal with Molly's medical needs, and take the time and patience to teach her how to be a house pet.

Luckily for Molly, the perfect new family soon appeared! A retired couple met Molly and fell in love with her. Molly will soon have surgery on her other hip, and then she can get started on the happy and carefree life that she deserves, with a family who loves and appreciates her.

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