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Moose, September, 1999

MooseThis is a story of cooperation, determination and the Internet. Moose was dumped off at a shelter in North Carolina. He was very thin and filthy dirty, but a volunteer from NC Dawg Rescue saw that Labrador spark, and begged a stay of execution. She posted his plight on the Internet. A young mother read of Moose and decided he'd be the perfect addition to her family. She sent the adoption fee to the shelter and prepared for a new addition to her family.

But, all did not go as smoothly as hoped. Moose was checked out by a veterinarian and found to be a healthy dog, but infested with heartworm. While the young family felt they could take care of the routine expenses of a dog, they just could not swing the cost of treatment for heartworm, so they turned to LABMED for help. We were happy to provide the necessary funding.

However, Moose's story doesn't end there. Moose was in North Carolina and his new family was in Massachusetts. Again, the Internet played a vital role. A determined volunteer in the mid-west stepped up to her computer, posted requests on several list and organized five volunteers to transport Moose up the east coast.

Happily, Moose made it to his new family and began his heartworm treatment. His new family reports that he is well behaved, but full of mischief. He is a lovable lap dog that keeps them in stitches. The family includes a three year old boy with Down Syndrome. Moose has become a playmate and companion for the boy.

LABMED was happy to give Moose a second chance at life.

Update, May, 2000

Unfortunately, all was not 'happily ever after' for Moose. It turns out an extended family member had to move in with his family and she was extremely allergic to Moose. A new home had to be found. Northeast All Retriever Rescue stepped in to help with the placement. Many, many people applied to adopt Moose. NEARR chose a family with a 7 year old special needs child. Moose quickly bonded with this new family. They are delighted with him. It seems Moose has finally found his 'people'.

Update, July, 2000

MooseMoose has adjusted well to life in the country with his new family. They are very happy with him as well. Moose now has two big kitties as playmates. His rescuer visits him often and each time she comes to see him, Moose climbs on her lap with a big grin. He is such a sweet boy.

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