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Simon/Mulligan, June 1999

Mulligan Young Simon was found as a stray and taken to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. Just as Simon was deemed to be eligible for adoption, he came down with an upper-respiratory infection. In addition to this new health problem, he was malnourished and dehydrated, suggesting he had been on the streets for some time. A hard-working and dedicated shelter volunteer knew that Simon wouldn't have long to live if she didn't get him medical treatment and out of that shelter. Learning of LABMED through her contacts with Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue , she contacted LABMED and requested urgent assistance for Simon. LABMED's Board conducted a telephone poll, and voted to fund Simon so he could receive the urgent medical attention that would get him out of the shelter and into a foster situation.

Mulligan Simon responded well to the course of antibiotics he was given, and especially the tender care given him by the shelter volunteer who was now his foster parent. Simon was described as being a year old, and still very much a puppy, stealing socks, filled with energy, and very playful with squeaky toys and rope toys. Things began to look up for Simon. He was soon under consideration as a candidate for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office detection dog program, as well as a candidate for San Francisco SPCA's hearing dog program! We're very happy to report that as you read this, Simon (now known as Mulligan) has been accepted by the SFSPCA and is now undergoing training with their staff so that some day soon, he'll be helping a hearing-impaired individual to lead a better life.

LABMED is very glad to have been of assistance in Simon's treatment especially with this happy ending! He's another example of a Lab who has been given a second chance at life and the unique opportunity to help someone else. We wish Simon the very best in his new life as a hearing dog.

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