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Fatty, Specks and Semi, May 2002

Fatty is the May 2002 Buddy Arnold dog.



A young black Lab with five nursing puppies was rescued from a shelter by Capital Animal Care in Arlington, VA. The mother, named Betsy, was emaciated and exhausted but providing excellent care for her pups. Mom and puppies were treated for hook, round and tape worm infestations, and many ticks were removed. In spite of their poor beginning in life, the pups were friendly, loving and playful.



Sadly, a few days after their rescue, all five puppies became ill with canine parvovirus, a deadly disease that affects the GI tract and white blood cells of dogs. The pups were rushed to the vet, and intensive emergency care was provided. Several of the puppies suffered setbacks during the course of treatment, but miraculously all five survived!

The extensive medical treatment that the puppies required was extremely expensive, of course. Capital Animal Care mounted a huge fund-raising effort to cover the necessary veterinary care for all five pups.


LABMED was happy to help in this effort by providing partial funding for three of the puppies - Fatty, Specks and Semi. Fatty was the first dog funded by LABMED in May, and his care was paid for by the Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund.

Happily, the next visit to the vet for most of the puppies was for a well puppy check up! Betsy and her pups are in the process of being placed into new and loving homes.


Although in general only about 60% of puppies with parvo survive, this lucky little family appears to have beaten the odds with the help of the dedicated and caring rescuers from Capital Animal Care. We are delighted that these lovely puppies can now look forward to long and happy lives.

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