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Natomas, January, 2000

Natomas The pretty, young black Lab darted into a busy street and was hit by a car, crushing her right rear leg. A good samaritan saw the accident and transported the dog promptly to the local animal shelter. There, alert animal control officers assessed her injuries and transferred her to the nearby Natomas Animal Medical Center in Sacramento, CA.

No owner could be found to claim the little female Lab, but an army of vets, vet techs, and vet students rushed to her rescue! In a wonderful partnership of caring, a second year vet student offered to foster the beautiful girl until a permanent home could be found, the local animal control paid for an x-ray and antibiotics, and Natomas Animal Medical Center donated and discounted many services. LABMED was happy to join in by providing funds for the remaining medical services needed.

Natomas Fortunately, a heartworm test was negative, so surgery could be performed promptly to amputate the dog's badly damaged leg. As she recovered, the Lab became the darling of the UC/Davis vet school. Her new name, "Molly", was chosen by a vote of 120 vet students! Attending classes with her foster mom at the vet school, Molly was greeted everywhere with kisses and hugs from her many new friends. Molly has become a wonderful advertisement for "second chances" and has joined the ranks of our three-legged LABMED ambassadors, following in the pawprints of our founding dog, Buddy. Thank you, Molly!

Update! April, 2000: Molly was adopted by a family who live on a ranch outside of Fresno, CA. Molly has been on trips to snow country, and has learned to swim in the pond in her new back yard. She tries to chase geese and ducks in the pond, which she can never catch, and to her amazement, a new orange ball falls for her from the orange tree in the back yard nearly every day! Molly is adored by her new family and is "spoiled rotten" - as all Labs should be!

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