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O'Keefe, August 1998

O'KeefeFound wandering as a stray in Wayne County, Ohio, "O'Keefe" had spent 6 weeks in the local humane society before his plight came to the attention of members of the Lake Erie Labrador Rescue. Suffering from a ruptured cruciate ligament of his right hind leg, he refused to put any weight on this limb due to the pain. After a second veterinary opinion confirmed this diagnosis, LABMED was contacted by Lake Erie Rescue in hopes of receiving funding assistance to correct his problem. A decision to fund was quickly reached, and we're happy to report that by the time you read this, O'Keefe should have had his operation, and will be in the recuperation stages with lots of crate rest and supervised exercise being the order of the day. O'Keefe is described as a large, well socialized, non-hyper and very agreeable "true" Labrador. Thanks to Lake Erie Labrador Rescue and LABMED, this big guy will be next in line for a loving home once he's sufficiently recovered from his operation!

Update on O'Keefe!

March, 1999: An update on O'Keefe from his foster home: "Well, progress report time: Keefe has been off-lead (in the house only so far) and seems to be doing nicely. He LOVES his big bone and flings himself onto the floor (Ker-Ash! Ka-Bang - big boy that he is) and the chewing sound is almost deafening. But he is a happy boy. Appears to be housetrained. Eager, enthusiastic, and every bit of 2 and not much more, I would say. He is a BIG dog. In the next few days I may let him off lead inside my fenced x-yard to see what he does...maybe do a flexi-session with him first and then see. He is a dog that moves almost at the speed of light, so no wonder that he tore this knee. Also, I've been meaning to tell you...he is a "spinner" - gets to where he thinks he's going out a door....or someone is going to play with him (sound familiar) and then just FLINGS himself around in circles FAST!"

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