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Onyx, November, 2000

Onyx is available for adoption, check the LABMED Adoption Page for contact information.

Onyx Onyx, a 4 year old black male from Ohio, was rescued twice. In July, 2000, Onyx was found by a young couple; they took him to a vet for shots and had his infected ears taken care of. Then the owners were found and Onyx went back home. But that was not the end; the young couple heard about Onyx again in late September. Onyx had gotten out again, still wearing the rabies tag from when the young couple took him to be vaccinated. The owners were contacted and declined to take him back. Onyx was turned over to Lake Erie Lab Rescue.

Apparently Onyx had been neglected during the time he was back with his owners; his ears were badly infected again, he was very thin and the tip of his tail was bleeding and infected. His ears were cleaned and treated and he was fed properly, but the tail did not get better. His foster mom did not know what had caused the injury, but Onyx's constant wagging and bumping kept the tail open and bleeding. Bandaging, protective wraps and antibiotics did not resolve the problem, and after 5 visits to the vet the decision was made to amputate a portion of the tail. LELR contacted LABMED for funding of the surgery and LABMED was glad to help out.

A little more than half the tail had to be amputated and Onyx was neutered during this surgery as well. He went to his foster home to recuperate. His foster mom told LABMED that losing part of his tail did not hurt Onyx's looks; he didn't look as tall and skinny any more as he did with his exceptionally long tail. She was sure that this surgery definitely improved Onyx's quality of life and his chances of finding a new home. He is a very sweet and patient dog; not once during the bandaging and handling of his obviously painful tail did he protest the treatment, and he gets along wonderfully with the other 6 resident dogs.

Update, March, 2001

Onyx's foster mom wrote:

He is really a wonderful, gentle dog. He loves to be with people and he is great with the other dogs. He does still have a few health issues. His ear problems have not been totally resolved although they are improving and we have him on a special perscription allergy food. His tail is totally healed and actually looks just fine.

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