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Paige, February, 2000

Paige Paige was 4 months old when she was hit by a car. Her owner did not want to take her to the vet's and told Animal Control to take the dog and treat her. The people at Animal Control had a hard time tracking Paige's owner after the accident; when he was finally located, he signed her over to the shelter. Since her owner had not thought it necessary to have her immunized, Paige had to be quarantined for 10 days.

The accident happened on Thursday and Paige was at the shelter without any medical treatment until the following Monday when a lady from Hounds Haven, a small rescue in Howell, Michigan, spotted her. Her rescuer is also a vet tech and she knew that Paige had a broken leg, maybe even a broken pelvis. She took Paige to the vet clinic where her diagnosis was confirmed. Paige had surgery that same day, her hock was pinned and it was decided to let her pelvis heal with crate rest.

Paige's rescuer contacted the local Lab Rescue, Janet Soucy Have A Heart, who in turn contacted LABMED for financial assistance since they could not raise the entire amount needed in such a short time. The little yellow puppy healed well, she was given all her shots and after getting spayed, was placed with a wonderful family. Her new mom carried her like a baby the whole first day. After a bad start, Paige has found a home where she is loved and cherished.

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