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Brownie3, Buster3 and Pig, November, 2000

Brownie3 Pig

These three Labs were part of a large rescue operation in Logansport, IN. The applicant runs a small shelter for the Cass County Animal Shelter and Humane Society and together with the county's animal warden rescued 46 dogs, 1 horse and 2 goats from a neglect situation.

Brownie is a female chocolate Lab, the rescuers guess her to be 2 years old. Buster is a male yellow Lab; they think he is about 2 years old as well. And Pig is a female black Lab about three years old. Brownie and Buster are very sweet, gentle Labs; Pig is also a friendly dog but does get grumpy with other dogs during eating time...that is how she got her name.

These three Labs were heartworm positive; they also has skin infections due to severe flea allergy. The resident vet did skin scrapings to rule out mange; those were negative. Many of the other dogs had been treated for the same type of skin infections; what worked for them were Mitaban dips and Ivomec shots. But Brownie, Buster and Pig could not be given the Ivomec shots because they were heartworm positive. Even so, their skin was slowly improving but the small rescue operation needed funds for the heartworm treatment. They had raised some money when they first rescued all the animals in late September, 2000. But with so many animals to take care of, their funds had run low. They learned about LABMED and applied for funding for the three Labs.

After being assured that the negligent owner could never get the dogs back - there is a court order against him having any of these animals - LABMED was glad to help out the dogs by funding the heartworm treatment.

Brownie, Buster and Pig will stay at the shelter during the recovery period after the heartworm treatment. Then they will be ready for their forever homes and their rescuer is confident she can find good homes for them all.

Update: March, 2001

Cass County Animal Shelter has found permanent homes for all three dogs; the last one was placed in mid February.

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