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Precious, December 2001

Precious, a three year old black Lab mix had been in a Massachusetts animal control facility for two months when North East All Retriever Rescue heard about her. Precious had been taken in as a stray and was named bythe animal shelter staff. Her foster mom told us "In the years I've done lab rescue, I don't think I've ever seen a dog with as excellent a temperament as Precious. She is an extraordinary girl."

LABMED was contacted after Precious had to be rushed to the emergency clinic. She had not been eating for a few days and had developed a swelling in her leg. The vet discovered an abscess on her thigh and determined she was septic. She was on IV all night and monitored.

Precious improved tremendously at the clinic and now her vet and foster mom had to decide if she needed surgery. The surgeon did an ultrasound to find out how many pockets of bacteria were in Precious' body and decided to go ahead with surgery to clean out two abscesses. Shortly after the surgery, Precious was standing again and the swelling on her leg has gone down a lot. Her temperature and blood pressure improved and she started eating and drinking. While she was not "out of the woods" yet, her surgeon was optimistic. Two days after surgery, Precious - now renamed Annie - was able to go home. NEARR had already raised a large amount of funds and LABMED helped with the rest of the bills.

Precious has already found her forever home and was renamed once again. Now Daisy, she is enjoying the care and love of her new family and the occasional play date with her foster brothers.

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