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Princess, August 1999

Princess Allowed free run of the neighborhood, Princess was picked up by local animal control 4 or 5 times in a year. After the last incarceration, her owners abandoned her at the Corona County Animal Shelter in California. Luckily Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue was on the scene. They rescued Princess from the shelter and placed her in a loving foster home. According to SCLRR, Princess was not a bad dog, just had bad owners.

At some point in her early life, Princess suffered an injury to her left shoulder that 'froze' the joint. She had no motion in arm and it was locked into an awkward position. She was unable to put it down on the ground. Veterinarians were afraid that because of the funny angle the leg could easily be injured forcing it to be amputated.

Princess was evaluated by a regular vet, a veterinary neurologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. All three agreed that surgery could give Princess a chance at a normal life. LABMED was able to assist with the surgery.

Princess's foster 'mom' was able to observe the complicated surgery that released the thickened and contracted muscles, tendons and joint capsule allowing unrestricted movement in the arm.

Physical therapy includes daily swimming in the foster parents' swimming pool. They report that she is a real trooper, never complaining. Even though she there are times she feels uncomfortable, she never cries.

She is happy with love and attention.

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