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Ranger, September, 2000

Ranger Dog ownership is a great responsibility. When bad luck strikes, will you be able to do the right thing for your loyal canine companion?

Ranger, a 4 month old pup, was asleep on the driveway. It was after dark, so a nap seemed like the thing to do. Unfortunately, Ranger was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ranger's owner backed his truck down the driveway, and the sleepy pup didn't have time to move out of the way. Both rear legs were crushed!

Immediate medical care was needed, but the owner was not willing to spend any money to help his young companion. The vets deemed Ranger's condition as life threatening. Would Ranger see the morning?

RangerA special person was working at the vet clinic that night. She is the founder of Pennsylvania P.A.W.S., and Ranger was signed over to this kind lady. His diagnosis was delivered shortly thereafter - bi-lateral, mid-femoral, spiral fractures of both rear legs. A specialist was needed.

Local fundraising wasn't enough to pay Ranger's bills. LABMED was contacted. Would LABMED help this pup in Quakertown? It seems Ranger's luck has changed - LABMED was able to fund the balance remaining on the growing vet bill.

Ranger's most traumatic period in his short life turned out to be the beginning of a bright future! LABMED is proud to have had the opportunity to help light the way for this pup in his time of need.

UPDATE - Ranger's new family had this to say, "We are in love with our newest rescue and thank LABMED from the bottom of our hearts."

Update: February, 2001

From Ranger's Mom: "Ranger was about 4 1/2 months old at the time of his accident and funding, he's now over 8 mos and happy and healthy. We are forever grateful to Labmed."

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