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Sadie, January, 2000

SadieSadie, a female Labrador Retriever mix was found scrounging through trash cans for something to eat. Her rescuers had never seen a dog so skinny; not only could you feel her ribs, but her hipbones and nearly every vertebra in her back stuck out. She seemed dazed when they found her and was very weak. Even in this debilitated condition, Sadie's true spirit shined through. The small town in California where Sadie was found has an excellent shelter system; however, they admitted that Sadie's fate would likely be euthanasia if she were taken there, so her rescuers decided to try to help the dog themselves.

They took her immediately to their veterinarian who assessed her condition as severely malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with fleas. Amazingly, although the veterinarian believed that Sadie was an adult dog of 9-10 years, she only weighed 30 lbs at that first visit! Her flea infestation was so intense, it had caused Sadie to scratch herself raw in many areas. The good news was that the vet thought that all of Sadie's problems could be solved with some intensive nursing, and a good flea preventive. Treatment was started immediately.

SadieThe rescuers were able to do the nursing, but needed a little help with the cost of the exams and special diets that Sadie needed to put on weight, so they contacted LABMED. LABMED was happy to help Sadie out. Good health didn't come easily for the skinny girl; her stomach had been so long without nourishment that she was not able to tolerate the rich food needed for her to put on weight and she quickly developed diarrhea. Fortunately, she was able to tolerate a chicken based product and went on to gain 10 lbs in a matter of weeks. Her rescuers were surprised at how quickly she regained her sunny personality and was even trying to play again! LABMED was very pleased to help Sadie reveal the mischievous spirit trapped inside her malnourished body and find her forever home.

At last contact, Sadie was still living with her original rescuers. They said that they hadn't found that special forever home for her yet, but they were still looking. Sadie is happy to have a foster home with loving hands and regular meals!

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