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Sam4, November, 2000

SamHere is Sam's story as told by his rescuer:

My husband and I are just like all of you, Labrador lovers. We have had a black Lab named Jake for ten years. He was adopted by my husband long before I came into the picture. When my husband and I got married I also inherited a loving, special black Lab. Two years after Jake came into my life, he became extremely ill. Jake developed seizures. Our vet finally told us he felt that Jake had a brain tumor and really there was little hope. Well I don't have to tell you how devastated we were. We lost our beloved Jake on November 1, 2000. He started seizing and never regained consciousness. We thought we would never get another Lab, it would be just too hard, too many memories.

This is where the story takes an amazing turn. On November 2, 2000 I drove to my vet's office to tell them the news, we had lost Jake. I also donated Jake's leftover medications for some other sick animal. One of the office personnel said she had to show me something. She took me back to the kennel and I could not believe my eyes. Lying on the floor was one of the most beautiful black Labs I had ever seen. Naturally I began to have HUGE tears.

This Lab had been hit by a car and brought to our vet's office as an abandoned dog. The vet tried really hard to break the news to me gently, this dog was really damaged. He would need extensive surgery. We were told that if nobody claimed him in 72 hours, my husband and I could adopt him.

I can truly tell you, for me there wasn't one worried bone in my body. I know that this may sound crazy, but God sent this dog to us to mend our hearts. I went home to call my husband and share the news. And after just one look at him, my husband named him Sam. We then sat on pins and needles for 72 hours waiting for the call that Sam had been claimed. That call NEVER came.

My vet is a wonderful man. He took Sam to surgery, and just as he thought, Sam's injuries were very bad. Sam had an open fracture of his right leg and a dislocated hip, but one piece of good news, zero internal injuries. It was decided that Sam would have orthopedic surgery in Dallas,TX. Now, to the problem of where to find the cash to pay for the surgery. I went to the Internet and found some guardian angels. LABMED. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that our prayers could be answered so easily. Sam went to Dallas the very next week.

Sam stayed for a week in Dallas. His leg was pinned and the hip was put back in place and surgically stabilized. Along with all the surgery Sam has had lots of rehab. We walk him with a towel under his belly like a sling. He's not crazy about all of this, but he knows that we are trying to make him well. Sam gets lots of antibiotics. The pins in his leg will have to stay for about twelve weeks.

At the time of this writing it has been three weeks, I am happy to tell you that Sam's hip has been completely healed. The dressings have come off and he is beginning to learn how to walk on that leg again. We are thrilled; our prayers have been answered.

I would just like to tell you the real heroes of this story. Certainly Sam is the biggest. My vet and his staff have helped us with lots of emotional support. The vet has taken care of Sam without asking for a single cent. He paid initially for all the surgery and is letting us refund his office. LABMED has graciously given what they could in the efforts to get Sam stable again and Labrador Life Line has also helped fund Sam's veterinary care.

Each and every one mentioned in this letter are ANGELS. It is so nice to see people with big, kind hearts who are willing to give of themselves to help a little dog who needed a home, not to mention two new legs. I will continue to be devoted to LABMED and support this organization as much as I can. I could give a thousand thanks and it would not be enough.

Update: February, 2001

From Sam's Mom: "I thought I would let you know how Sam is doing. his legs are HEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

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