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Sandy2, June, 2001

Sandy2 Sandy is a 2-3 year old yellow Labrador Retriever who was turned over to Pets and Partners rescue. She was adopted as a companion dog for the owners' dog, Levi. After her adoption, her new owners took Sandy to the veterinarian for a check-up. A complete physical revealed that Sandy had an ear infection, fleas and, unfortunately, heartworms. The owners were prepared for the costs of the ear problems, flea treatment and basic vaccinations; however, they could not afford the cost of the heartworm treatment. Sandy's owners were not prepared to give her up. Since they were familiar with LABMED and had even donated money to help rescue dogs on occasion, they decided to apply and see if LABMED could help them.

A second crisis developed when Sandy's owners went out of town the weekend before Sandy was supposed to go the veterinarian's for treatment and Sandy and Levi both developed diarrhea. Sandy and Levi's puppy-sitter immediately rushed both dogs to the hospital. The veterinarian was unable to determine the cause of the diarrhea, but prompt treatment quickly cured the problem. Now Sandy's owners were even more in need of a helping hand.

Sandy2 Despite the diarrhea attack, Sandy was able to begin the heartworm treatment the following Tuesday and did beautifully. Everyone was surprised when Sandy was so energetic at her follow-up visit to the veterinarian's; she was jumping up to a Labrador's proper spot -- the chair next to her owner!

LABMED, along with a contribution from LLL, was very happy to have helped fund Sandy's heartworm treatment and enable her to stay in her Forever Home.

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