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Sara, June, 1999

SaraPoor little Sara, hardly more than a puppy herself, was found living in filthy quarters with four 6-week old puppies. Six other pups had been sold, and two had died, before this pretty yellow female Lab came to the attention of the cruelty investigations department of the Cumberland County, NJ, SPCA. Sara and the remaining puppies were removed from their owner and placed in protective foster care.

The puppies were made available for adoption, but Sara turned out to have some medical problems. She had a severe case on entropion in both eyes - a painful condition where the lids curl inward and the eyelashes rub against the eye - and mastitis in several of her breasts. Antibiotics cleared up the mastitis, but Sara needed surgery on her eyes to correct the entropion. LABMED was contacted and we were happy to help fund Sara's eye surgery.

SaraVery thin and malnourished, Sara needed to gain some weight before undergoing surgery. When the time came, Sara's eyes were repaired and she was spayed at the same time. She recovered well from both surgeries, charming everyone around her with her gentle, friendly personality. In a very happy ending, Sara was adopted by the animal cruelty investigator who rescued and fostered her! Adored by her new family, Sara loves to swim and enjoys sleeping on the bed of her owners every night!

Update: March 2001

Sara is living a very busy life with her new family. She participates with her new "mom" in SPCA school demonstrations about how to train and care for dogs - and dispenses many Labby kisses in the process. She has also become the close companion of her 8-year-old human "sister". In addition to playing games in the yard (Sara particularly enjoys eating bubbles and doing back flips), the pair have been winning blue ribbons in Junior Showmanship competitions! We at LABMED are delighted to know that Sara is having such a wonderful second chance in her life.

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