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Shadow9, August 2001

Shadow is a 2 year old intact male Labrador Retriever who was on his way to a Neenah, Wisconsin animal shelter when he leapt from the back of a pick-up truck. His owners picked him up and continued on to the shelter, only to be told that they would have to take Shadow to a veterinarian before surrendering him. Shadow's owners decided they would have him euthanized instead of turning him over to the shelter. It looked grim for poor Shadow, but here is where his luck turned for the better. As his owners led him limping into the veterinary clinic, with his tail wagging and his tongue licking, the veterinarian and the staff just couldn't find in their hearts to put the sweet, young dog to sleep. Instead, they persuaded the owners to turn the dog over to the clinic.

A thorough exam, however, revealed that Shadow had a transverse fracture of the right femur, mild hip dysplasia, and severe lower lid entropion (a condition where excess tissue of the lower lid rolls in towards the eye and causes the eye lashes to constantly rub against the cornea). While the veterinarian could perform the entropion surgery herself, the fracture would require an orthopedic specialist to repair.

The staff was determined to find the money to send Shadow, who was proving himself to be so sweet and mellow that the staff was allowing him to be an official waiting room greeter, to the orthopedic surgeon. They also needed to come up with the money to cover the cost of supplies for the entropion surgery, because, although the veterinarian was not charging for her time, there are certain fixed charges involved in every surgery.

The staff turned to several avenues, including a story in the local paper asking for donations, and applying to LABMED and Labrador Life Line. LABMED was happy to contribute to Shadow's recovery, especially upon hearing that Shadow has been adopted into his forever home. Now Shadow is an inside dog where he can be near his beloved humans, and he is neutered so he no longer has the urges that caused him to roam and lose his first home. Truly a second chance at love.

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