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Sissy and Flower, December 1999

Sissy and Flower A sister act? Not really, but LABMED did receive applications for these two young ladies in Tennessee on the same day. The two two-year-old black female Labs were abandoned by their owner who had abused and starved them. They were rescued by a couple who could not keep them, but fostered them until an adoptive family could be found. They posted a message on an electronic office bulletin board where it was read by a co-worker who decided to adopt them. As soon as he picked up the girls, he took them to a vet and had them checked out and given all their vaccinations.

In the course of their check-up both were found to be heartworm-positive. The adoptive family immediately contacted LABMED and, as this was a very recent rescue that fell within our guidelines, we voted to fund their treatment. The family also applied for funding from Labrador Life Line and met their guidelines as well; thus, their treatment was co-funded by the two organizations.

These little ladies should be on the road to good health very soon and are already with a family that loves them very much.

Update, January, 2000

From Sissy and Flowers adoptive family: "They're doing very well these days since their heartworm treatment. In fact, they just tested negative for heartworms during their recent blood test! They have both gained weight, which was much needed. Sissy has gained a whopping 15 pounds!! Flower only 6, but she's a much smaller girl! They are both very happy and grateful, as are my husband & myself, for your help & compassion for the animals."

Update, February, 2000

They are doing very well! Very fat & happy dogs! They really enjoy their home & their new brother & sister - we have since adopted 2 stray cats whom they just love. Thanks again for all your help with their heartworm treatment. They're just the best dogs in the world & we can't imagine life without them. :-)

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