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Sonny, February, 2001

Sonny Sonny was one miserable pup when he was surrendered to a shelter in Sacramento, CA. Suffering from a skin disorder that caused extensive hair loss on his neck, chest, belly and legs, Sonny also had a severe ear infection and was in a generally run-down condition. But this 10 month old yellow male Lab never lost his cheery outlook on life, even when a virulent strain of kennel cough (contracted at the shelter) brought him close to death.

As Sonny recovered from his kennel cough, his other problems were tackled one by one. Sonny was found to be hypothyroid, and was started on thyroid supplements. A massive yeast infection was thought to be a primary cause of Sonny's hair loss and infected ears, and this was treated with medications and medicated baths. As Sonny started to heal, though, his chest and legs began to itch severely, leading to further complications and treatments.

Sonny's medical bills were skyrocketing! LABMED reviewed Sonny's treatment plan and agreed to pay part of the costs. The outlook for a complete return to health for this young Lab is promising! Meanwhile, Sonny is flourishing under the loving care of his foster family who report that Sonny "has a wonderful personality and is really a fun puppy". When he is all healed up, Sonny will be a perfect pet for some lucky family!

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