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Sophia, May 1998

SophiaSophia is a happy 12-week-old yellow lab puppy with liquid brown eyes that just melt your heart. When Sophia was just a baby her anxious mother allegedly stepped on her, breaking both femurs and her pelvis, and pushing both femur heads out of the sockets. The pain that she endured must have been excruciating, but the woman who bred this litter did not take her to the vet. Instead, after realizing Sophia was not recovering from her "accident," the woman put an ad in the paper for a puppy with medical problems needing a home. A rescue worker for Hearts United For Animals saw the ad and Sophia was later surrendered to the Nebraska shelter. Subsequently, a LABMED board member saw HUA's ad for Sophia on the rec.pets.dogs.rescue newsgroup, and another board member encouraged HUA to apply for aid.

SophiaWith prompt medical attention, Sophia's injuries might have been corrected but now weeks later her muscles have atrophied beyond repair. Doctors estimate that Sophia will weigh about 40 to 50 pounds when she is fully-grown. She can wag her tail and does have control of her potty functions, but she will need a walking cart for her entire life. Thanks to donations from both LABMED and K9-Carts Sophia will receive the first two walking carts necessary to give her the mobility she desperately craves. Sophia will need up to four carts as she grows. Once Sophia learns to get around with her new wheels, she'll be ready for a very special home.

Update, June 1998

Sophia in her cart.June has been a big month for this special pup - Sophia has a permanent home and is learning to use her first cart! Sophia has joined Susan in Colorado, who owns a large ranch style house with a big fenced yard. HUA reports that Sophie seemed to know right away Sue was to be her new mama. Though it took a little getting used to, Sophie is doing much better in her cart. Indoors she races around, and she's even been known to pop wheelies when really excited! Her new mom Susan has already been in touch with several orthopedic specialists to determine how to make Sophie's cart even more comfortable.

Update, March, 1999

There is a full page article about Sophia in the "Hearts United for Animals Winter 99 Newsletter."

A small excerpt" "... took Sophia to many specialists. Sophia has undergone months of massage therapy, hydrotherapy and surgeries to align her leg, relieve muscle tightness and restore her knee to normal position. Now her left leg is corrected and she can walk even run! Her right leg is in a brace and will be repaired next."

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