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Spencer, August 1999

Spencer Spencer, a 9 month old male yellow Lab was in need of a significant change in luck. Struck by a car, Spencer was languishing at a veterinary hospital in Texas. His owners were unwilling to pay for the treatment for his severely injured rear leg. After some weeks had passed, and without a change of heart from his owners, the vet was faced with a very difficult decision. Would it be more humane to euthanize him rather than letting him continue to suffer without treatment for his severely damaged leg?

Luckily for Spencer, a seventeen year old veterinary assistant decided he couldn't let Spencer be put down. He contacted the local Lab Rescue Organization [Dallas Fort Worth Lab Rescue] who told him about the existance of LABMED. They also mentioned they would be sponsoring an adopt-a-pet day at a Petsmart store the following weekend. The only drawback was this event was 100 miles away. Undaunted by the distance, Spencer's rescuer drove the distance so that he could be evaluated for the possibility of adoption. Quoting from one of the DFWLR members' email: "It was hard to hold back my tears when I saw this poor dog's leg. He had such a wonderful disposition!" With the help of another participating rescue organization "Homeward Bound Rescue", Spencer was immediately taken to a local vet for a second opinion. It was determined that the leg had gone too long without treatment and would have to be amputated.

Spencer Spencer's rescuer remained undeterred, and decided to contact LABMED to inquire about funding for this amputation. After hearing his story, the decision to fund Spencer was quickly reached, and we're happy to report that his surgery went fine, and he's recovering nicely. He was even up and hopping around on three legs, the day of the surgery!

Spencer is now in a foster home, provided with the assistance of Homeward Bound Rescue, and we understand there is a new home waiting for him complete with loving family. Spencer's rescuer visits with him regularly, and hopes to continue to do so in the future. While he would have loved to adopt Spencer himself, his rescuer is about to attend college where he hopes to become an Emergency Medical Technician. It seems there's no lack of caring and compassion for the injured for this young man!

LABMED wishes to thank him, the Dallas Fort Worth Lab Rescue and Homeward Bound Rescue for pulling together to help give Spencer his most deserved second chance!

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