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Sully, August 1998

Sully His owners were moving and they couldn't take him with them, so Sully was surrendered to the local vet to be put down. Lucky for Sully, caring members of the veterinary clinic, the local Humane Society, and LABMED joined together to save this 5-year old Chocolate boy from a certain fate. During his exam it was discovered that Sully was suffering from a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, an injury he probably sustained due to over-activity. Sully's adoption possibilities would be slim without the needed ACL surgery despite his wonderful temperament (he's good with kids, too). "We just couldn't let Sully be put down," said one of Sully's advocates.

While the Humane society was willing to foster Sully, they couldn't afford the entire cost of the expensive surgery. Jim Schumann of the Charlevoix County (MI) Humane Society searched the web and came across LABMED's web page. Jim contacted LABMED and requested financial aid to complete the funding required for Sully's operation.

LABMED agreed to fund Sully, and he is going to get his operation! With the Charlevoix Humane Society's pledge to foster Sully for as long as it takes, the prospects for Sully to find a new loving home are much brighter now. LABMED wishes Sully a speedy recovery and hopes he finds that 'special' home soon!


Update: September 1998

We heard from Sully's rescuer recently and it is wonderful news. Sully has been adopted into a permanent home. His new adoptive family loves him dearly and is giving him all the support and TLC he needs during his recovery from his ACL surgery.

Update: April, 2001

LABMED just got some new pictures of Sully. As you can see for yourself, Sully is a happy boy now.

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