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Sunny3, May 2002

Sunny3This big yellow Lab had been hit by a car and was found lying in a pool of blood in the parking lot of a store near Litchfield, Illinois. A good Samaritan took the dog to a vet, who in turn contacted a local rescue organization, Adopt-A-Pet Shelter. "Sunny" was found to have a broken rear leg and several deep lacerations.  X-rays also revealed that Sunny had bilateral hip dysplasia.

A pin was inserted to repair the broken leg, and sutures were used to close the deepest of the cuts.  When Sunny had recovered from this surgery, plans would be made to treat his hips.

Sunny's leg did not heal as well as expected, though.  The break was not mending, and calcium was forming above and below the break and into the muscles.  Sunny was not able to use the leg at all, and soon it was decided that the leg needed to be amputated.  After the amputation, it was hoped that Sunny's remaining leg would become stronger and that surgery on that hip would not be necessary.  LABMED was contacted and agreed to help fund Sunny's surgeries.

In the midst of all these decisions, Sunny met a wonderful gentleman who decided to adopt him!  Sunny now goes to work every day with his new owner, and is happily adjusting to life on three legs.

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