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Thaddeus, April 1999

Thad Thaddeus was found near a schoolyard in Brooklyn, New York by a teacher who noticed that he refused to put any weight on his right rear leg. Taking pity on this young pup, she went to get some rope and tied him up in a small park next to the school so that he wouldn't wander away while she returned to her class. That precaution appeared unnecessary as when the park custodian untied him to exercise and feed him, he made no attempt to wander off.

Once school was out, the teacher collected Thaddeus and began a journey to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan (via subway, no less!). The initial diagnosis was that Thaddeus' rear ankle joint was inflamed and possibly infected from some unknown injury. In addition, his leg muscles showed signs of atrophy from lack of use, and he had a very poor overall skin condition. It was also thought that the joint might never heal correctly, thus a fusing of the joint, or possibly an amputation, might eventually be required - only time would tell.

X-rays were taken, and antibiotics and rest prescribed for little Thaddeus. Despite a deep rescue discount given by the Medical Center, Thaddeus' medical bill was going to be far higher than his rescuer could afford, and so she turned to the internet, her local Lab Rescue and ultimately LABMED for help.

LABMED agreed to fund Thaddeus' immediate medical treatment costs, and today, we're happy to report that Thaddeus is safe under foster care while the usefulness of his leg continues to be evaluated. We have been advised that Thad has begun to lightly use his leg once again, and so our hope is that he will continue to improve without the need of those more drastic measures previously mentioned. Please join us in wishing for a continuing recovery for Thaddeus - he certainly deserves it!

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