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Triple Play, October, 1999

Triple Play Triple Play was born with a malformed right front leg. This little chocolate puppy was otherwise healthy and happy, though, and so his breeder decided to try to find him a home. Sadly, however, it soon became apparent that the new owner was unable to care properly for a dog. Before many months had passed, Triple Play was picked up by the police in this small Washington city and taken to an animal control shelter.

A volunteer with a local rescue group heard about Triple Play's plight and took him to the veterinary clinic where she worked. Both the owner and breeder of Triple Play were notified, but neither of them was willing or able to take responsibility for Triple Play. Eventually, the rescuer took Triple Play home with her to play with her own chocolate female Lab while she looked for a new home for the pup.

Triple PlayWhile he was at the vet clinic, Triple Play's leg was evaluated and it was felt that the entire leg should be amputated. Too short to be used as a normal leg, the malformed limb was constantly being bumped and banged as Triple Play ran around. The pup would have better balance and movement without the useless and dangling leg.

LABMED was contacted and quickly agreed to pay for the amputation. The surgery was successful - and in a wonderful happy ending Triple Play was adopted permanently by his rescuer. Now named "Spooner", this lucky guy is enjoying his second chance in life to the fullest!

Update, February, 2001

From Spooner's Mom: "He will be 2 years old this month. He is very happy and healthy thanks to you guys... Even with only having three legs, he is an excellant swimmer and can almost keep up with his sister in the water. He has also been to a basic dog obedience class with his sister swimming, and hiking and playing in the snow. Thank you again very much he is a wonderful addition to our family."

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