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Tucker, January 1998

TuckerAt only 14 weeks of age, little Tucker was having a pretty tough time of it. His owners had abandoned him to the local humane society where it was found he had a fractured front leg which needed immediate attention. A local Rescue organization was contacted to see what they could do for this little guy. They made arrangements for his leg to be set and placed in a cast. It was then decided that Tucker should see an orthopedic specialist. During this new exam, it was found that poor Tucker's other leg was fractured as well! (It was suspected that Tucker was abused in some way and sustained these injuries as a result).

With their funds depleted from helping other dogs under their care, the Rescue organization contacted LABMED for financial assistance for Tucker's dual pin and screw operations. Little Tucker's plight had really captured the compassion of the veterinary hospital staff, and he was adopted into one of their homes on a foster basis to keep him from being returned to the shelter. LABMED readily agreed to reimburse the operation expenses for the bilaterial knee fractures. Soon, Tucker returned to his adoptive family to recuperate and bask in all the well-deserved pampering and attention.

We're happy to report that five months later, Tucker had found a very loving home and has grown up to be a large, well-mannered, and laid-back beautiful boy. Tucker's full recovery couldn't be a better illustration for why LABMED believes in Second Chances. Wouldn't you agree? Good luck to you, Tucker! You started off on a rocky road, but it looks like it's become quite a bit smoother thanks to the caring, compassionate people who took you in under their collective wing.

Update: October, 1998

Tucker's new owners recently wrote LABMED to share a progress report on their little Tucker. It is such a wonderful update we wanted to share it with you. These kind of happy endings really underscore the importance of LABMED's mission. Here's what Tucker's folks have to say:

"He is a very loving young boy. He lives with another chocolate Lab pal and three cats. He gets along with everyone very well. He has been pretty good growing up, minus the usual puppy problems...chewing, rough housing with his brother, and chasing the cats once in awhile.

He loves to go swimming, play fetch, which usually turns into keep away from Mom and Dad; hiking, he even has his own backpack. He is working well in learning his obedience manners. By the way... Tucker loves to sleep on the couch!

Tucker with a toy Tucker has a number of canvas frisbees. He's chewed the middles out of them. Tucker likes to grab a hold of it with his mouth and flip it over his head, where he will get sometimes four of them and run around the yard with them flipped over his head. He looks like a goofball, but he has fun!"

Way to Go, Tucker!

Her note concludes:
"Thank you for all you and LABMED have done for Tucker and others like him. He is a wonderful child and I could not imagine my life without him; I love him and his brother both.

P.S. He sleeps in bed with us with his head on my pillow, he sleeps that way all night."

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