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Tucker3, April, 2001

Tucker, a young black Lab, was hit by a car. An animal control officer was called and took the injured dog to the shelter in Johnson City, TN. The shelter contacted LABMED before they even had a chance to take Tucker to be examined by a vet. It looked like Tucker had a broken leg and the shelter staff wanted to make sure they would be able to pay for treatment. A vet appointment was already made for later that same day. Even though Tucker was obviously in pain, he was friendly to all who cared for him, even when his injured leg was examined.

The vet confirmed that Tucker's leg was broken. The accident caused the femoral head to separate from the femur and Tucker needed an FHO. The surgery went very well and the vet discounted his bill heavily since Tucker was a shelter resident. LABMED was more than willing to pay for part of the surgery but we needed to be assured first that Tucker would have a place to stay until he was ready to be adopted. The shelter could not assure us of this at first; they have limited space and could only guarantee to keep him for a few weeks. We were quite concerned about Tucker's future and - with the shelter's permission - sent out an appeal to find somebody who would foster or adopt Tucker.

What a relief to hear from the shelter a little over a week later that they found an adoptive home for this friendly black Lab. Tucker went home with his new family and was neutered the next day. LABMED was happy to be able to fund part of his surgery now that his future well being was certain.

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