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Walker, June, 2001

Walker As told by Walker's rescuer:

This cute yellow pup was rescued from an animal shelter with his days numbered. "Walker" was brought to the rescue group's animal shelter for his heartworm test and shots. Much to their dismay, Walker was diagnosed as heartworm positive. LABMED was contacted and he was taken to his new foster home's family vet. When the vet reexamined him, it was determined he had Class II heartworm. Right before his first treatment was to begin, a small crisis came up with his foster mom causing her to be unable to foster Walker.

Walker came back to Georgia Lab Rescue and was taken to their vet for the treatment. GLR's vet just couldn't believe that this pup had been diagnosed with heartworm due to him being so young. This vet consulted with the rescue group and for safety's sake retested this little boy. Miracle of miracles - Walker's test came back as negative! Apparently there are two different tests which could give two different readings depending on the amount of heartworms in a dog. It was also explained that there is a new way of treatment for low heartworm tested dogs. This was the case with Walker who had only 1 heartworm.

Thus, Walker's new treatment was changed to a monthly heartworm-preventive tablet and the prognosis was that Walker would be heartworm free in sixth months! Needless to say, Walker has proven to be one of LABMED's "miracle pets".

Walker was brought to PetSmart that weekend for GLRs adoption day and they are happy to report the perfect family fell in love with him and adopted him that moment. They currently are madly in love with Walker, reporting that he is such a good boy and is the center of their family's attention.

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