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Watson, November 1999

Watson Watson, a black male only 8 months old, was hit by a car, then relinquished by his owner for euthanasia. He was in shock, had a broken left front leg, and a broken jaw. The euthanasia solution was being prepared and Watson was 'on the table' when his rescuerer saw him and stopped the procedure.

Watson had surgery and stayed at UC Davis in the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis for ten days. Then he was taken to a veterinary hospital hospital in Roseville where his foster/vet worked. He needed expensive treatment including an external fixator on his leg to repair his injuries.

Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue (CCLRR) was contacted for help and they, in turn, recommended the rescuers contact LABMED. CCLRR paid for part of Watson's convalescence and LABMED funded the surgery.

Today, Watson is in a new home and he wrote to us recently telling us how much he liked it, and that his job was to "clean the plates before they go into the dishwasher!" He also reports that he thinks his new parents will be easy to train to do what he wants them to!

A Update from Watson, February, 2000:

Wow (bow)! I can swim! This weekend our pond filled with water, and my mom tried to hide my stick in it, but I swam and got it! And again, and again, and again! Now I know I'm a real Lab!

I'm really liking my home! The cats aren't as stuck up as they were, and I have lots of neat toys. They had to postpone my obedience training because of my leg, but it's all well now, so next month we'll start! I'm getting to ride in the car a lot, and it's fun because I get to slobber all over the windows!

I had my heartworm test and it was negative! So I'll start on those fat pills!

I still haven't been off my leash yet, (except to swim), but I promised my mom and dad I wouldn't run away if they let me off-leash (ha ha!)

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